Vidimo vas!!



The scales have fallen from our eyes

the veil has drifted down from the sky

meandering firmly finally revealing

your depth of depravity – that’s fear you’re now feeling.

We see you!

Your demonic bloodlust laid bare to see

the statue of filth on the bbc,

the prince and the madam, the crisper spy,

the islands of horrors in the ocean lie.

We see you!

A billion souls stolen over the years

you hid them deep down to drown their tears

perfect and innocent god’s own creations

mutilated by your sick machinations.

We see you!

Vlad the Impaler and his vile descendants

fleeing the palace from the 5d ascendants

the virus distracted but gave us the time

to peel back the layers of your heinous crimes.

We see you!

Run, run, as fast as you can

back for more orders from the Phoenician clan

out of white rabbit, the looking glass cracked

tipping point reached

odds against you now stacked.

We see you!

Pizza and hot dogs, pasta and sauce

your sickness decoded your lack of remorse

our slumber is over, our eyes not wide shut

for the children of Haiti, a knife to your gut.

We see you!

You ascension is powered by the light of the flare

scramble like rats to the ruins of your lairs

It’s over, it’s over, save our children – we cry

revealed, reviled, it’s your soul’s time to die.



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